Hello visitor! How do I calculate the cost per click (CPC) or Click Through Rate (CTR)?
As new blogger is currently connecting to adsense for you. The new Blogger user can now see the increase in CPC charges. Actually, you are either redirecting the keyword or visitor to your country's website. Which keyword does the advertiser ask us to do that is CPC? If you have a CTR on a blog then earning a lot of money is going to clear your post.
Actually, we do not control the CPC but we do not want to pay any taxes, but if you click on the cost then you can post it.

What is Google Adsense (CPC) Cost Per Click

If you want to link your ads or visit the ads, please click on the CPC button, CPC CPC starts at 0.01 $ and then you have to log on to the subject depending on the subject or blog jo ads show how much the site's cost per click is, The more you will have the high quality keywords in your blog and the traffic of the blog will be good, which will be the higher the coup rate.

CPC Calculating Formula

A very simple formula for leaving the cups that almost everyone will get out.

  • For example: $ 2.12 / 15 = 0.14, you will know that the coup rate is $ 0.14.
Note: No data is available for higher CPC rates and depending on the type of traffic you have on your blog or keyword. if site or USA Canada UK other countries have visitors to your site and click here to see the CPC is the highest ranked Asian country.

What Adsense CTR

CTR mens Click Through Rate When I click on the advertisements advertisements, I have broken out from the pageviews, to which I have spoken that what is the purpose of citing or doing things,

  • CTR = Number of Click / Number / impressions * 100
  • Levels You can check in your Adsense Account What is the rate of your blog's CTR

How to Increase Adsense CTR

Goggle adsense CTR can not be translated into any of the above languages, it is because of the fact that the new blogger has nothing to do with the new blogger, but the earning income is very high, but if the word has been terminated, finance low insurance health Blogging, keywords used to help you,
If you want to follow the terms and conditions of your ads, you will not have any problem or cpc, please contact us. If you have any of your site's CTR recommendations, please follow the general tips,
  1. Block all sites with low CPC rates.
  2. The traffic on the blog is also available from the Google search engine.
  3. Ads may appear on text or image or ads only.
  4. Post title to niche keyword or jade focus
  5. Do not translate a post into another post.
  6. The name of the domain name is also shared with the domain name chune.
I hope Google Adsense CPC or CTR has not changed what is going to be very clear, but it can be used to find out more about this. If I do not have any clue why I am not going to comment on this,
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