(Update, Proof = Loot-Fast) Facebook Research App – Get $5 Every Month + Earn $10 per Referral

Facebook Research AppFacebook Research Invite Email, Facebook Research App Program – Get $5 Every Month + Invite Friends & Earn $10 per Referral. The company that is operating this project is Applause. Applause is a global leader in crowd testing, feedback and research. Exclusive research project being conducted by Applause Inc. Participants in this study have the opportunity to earn as much as they want each month with no work required! So Hurry up and Join Facebook Research App now !!
Note:- Please Read Frequently Asked Questions in the end of this Post including Paypal account Creation and accepting international Payments !!

How to Get $5 Every Month + Invite Friends and Earn $10 per Referral:-

1. First of all, (Please Read Carefully, also check FAQs in the end of this Post – Very Important)This is an Invite based program only and Working for Teenager only aged between 13-17 only.
To Get the invite, Please Fill Up this Form
Please use Age between 13-17 only at Registration Page. Else You will be rejected (No matter if you age is more than 18 years, Just use Age less than 17 years and Done !! )
Required details:-
  • Your Name
  • Non-Paypal Email (Here we will sent you Invite)
  • PayPal Linked Email id (if you don’t have Paypal account, Then you can create later) Don’t comment this email to me, i will sent invite to your Non-Paypal Email id only which you are going to use at Registration Page 
  • (You have to enter this PayPal Linked email id under “Parents Paypal Email Address for Payments” at Registration Page to Get your Payments). Please come Fast for Referral !! 
Best Thing of this LoOT:- You Guys will get $10 per Referral every Month ….Yes Every Month 😊😊…. (For Example:- if your 1 friend keep the app installed for 6 months, Then you will get the $60 from just single friend), So ask your friends to Keep the App installed. As well as don’t uninstall you will get $5 every month too.
Note:- Don’t worry, we will not approve your comment and will delete after sending Facebook Research Invitation !!
Note:- Make sure you have Pan Card Verified Paypal account and your bank account should be added on it for receiving your payments, If you don’t have Then please create a New One !! Check Frequently asked Question No.3 below 👇👇
Note:- This App is Fully Tested, Safe and they are paying money as promised.. Parent organization is Facebook Inc !!
2. You will receive an email in next 1-2 days with Title “Facebook Research – Referral” or “Applause Research Program – You’ve Been Invited!” (1st Email)
facebook research program invite email
3. You have to Register for the Project using the same email where you receive your invite email.
4. Now Again, You will receive another email from Facebook Research – Applause. (2nd Email)
Thank you for registering for our research program! This email is being sent to confirm your registration in the program and to provide some additional information to ensure you are maximizing your monthly earnings.
facebook research program registration confirmed
5. Confirm Your Install:- If you haven’t already, make sure you have downloaded and installed the research application on your primary mobile phone:
6. From your mobile phone, download and install the research application here: https://webapp.diawi.com/install/QRzwUJ
Note:- Make Sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled on your device in order to Install the App. Please Goto Phone Setting and search for “unknown sources” and For Xiaomi users: Goto Phone Settings >> Additional setting >> Privacy  >> allow unknown sources.
7. Launch the app and follow the in-app installation instructions. When asked, enter your unique installation code into the application: XxxxXx (See your email for the code).
8. (You may not Get this 3rd Email because you guys are Entering Parents Paypal email for Payments) You will receive 3rd Email for Entering your Payment details.
9. You’re done! No additional action is required. It can take up to three days for you to appear in our reports. We will send you a confirmation email once we’ve confirmed your participation in our reports, or we will contact you in the event there might be issues with your installation.
10. Once installed, you will be paid for each month the application remains installed and active on your phone for atleast 20 days before 1st of every month to Get Payment on 16th of Every Month.
11. Now you will receive 4th Email about “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!”. That’s it, Now You can Refer your friends and earn $10 Every Month for each Referral. (Like below screenshot)

FaceBook Research App Invite & Earn $10 per referral (Every Month):-

Supported Device: iOS 8.0+, Android 6.0+, smartphones only (no tablets, sorry!)
1. Make sure you have received email with heading “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!” After that you are eligible for referring.
2. Now Visit This Link (This is a Instant Invite Link) Now a Form will open up, Enter your Name, email and referee Name, email.
3. That’s it, Your Friend will recieve Facebook Research App Invite instantly on his email address.
4. You will earn $10 per month when your referred friend will keep app installed every month..
Note:- Your Friend must joined before 10th Date to Get Paid (You as well as Your Friend) on 16th of Next month. If Joined later, Then He/She and You will be paid only if He Complete his 20 active days on Facebook Research App before 1st Date of any following month. Payment Date is 16th of Every Month.
Proof:- (Please Check below Frequently asked Questions as well):-
Facebook Research App Proof of Payment

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Question 1. I am a Xiaomi Mobile user or device working like that, So after sometime when i Open Facebook Research App it will show Turn on Accessibilty issue even my Accessibility is Turned ON?
Answers:- Actually This Problem comes whenever we clear the ram or Closed recent apps, So the “Task” running App will be disabled and ask for Re-enable of Accessibilty. So we will tell you How you can Fix this issue. Just Goto Phone’s Settings >> Installed Apps >> Facebook Research App >> and Turn ON AutoStart and use “No Restriction” under Battery Saver. So whenever we will clear our RAM/Recent Apps, Then it will Start automatically. (See Screenshot)
Facebook Research App Xiaomi Auto Start Feature
(Main Step) Now Click on Left key on your Xiaomi Mobile >> Now Recent Tabs will open  >> Scroll down the Facebook Research App Tab and Click on “Lock” button. If you see “Unlock” then everything is OK (Like my below screenshot). That’s it. From Now Onwards, whenever you clear the Task then “Facebook Research App” will be Excluded. (See Screenshot).
Accessibilty issue Fix in Xiaomi Phones
Question 2:- I Mistakenly Signed up and used Un-registered Paypal Email in Facebook Research App. What should i do?
Answer 2. Don’t worry, Just Visit Paypal Settings and Login your Main account after that Scroll down and Click on (+) in Email addresses section >> Now Put your Unregistered email and verify it. That’s it Now You can Receive Payment on Both Email address and will be credited to your linked Paypal account.
Question 3:- How to Create and Verify Paypal account & Accept International Payments?
Answer:- Its really very easy and will be completed in just 4 Steps!
1. Just Visit on Paypal.com >> choose Personal/Shopper account and Signup by entering your Personal details.
Step no.3 is Important for Receiving International payments !!
2. Now Visit This Link (Payments Method) and Add a Bank account where you want to withdraw your money. Then Paypal will send you 2 small deposits in your bank account from Rs 1 to 1.5 in next 1-3 days to confirm your bank account. Login your Netbanking and check the deposits and Note down, Now Go back to Bank Verification page and click on bank, Now Enter the exact amount you received in bank. That’s it your bank account will be verified and will eligible for Auto Withdrawal of the amount you received on your Paypal email.
3. (You can complete this steps before step no.2 as well) Now See the Notification and you will see Notification about “Complete Steps to Receiving International payments” (2nd Notification). You can Visit Directly from Here too. Now Enter your PAN Card Number, and Select any Appropriate Purpose Code and Done !!
4. Your account will be Eligible to Receive International Payments (only if 3rd step is completed!!
Question 4:- I submitted my details for Invite in comment section. How much time it will take to Get Invite from Applause?
Answer:- As soon as you comment your details, we will take 1-12 hours to submit your invite in Applause Facebook Research Program.
Question 5:- What are the Payment Dates?
Answer:- Payment date is 16th of every month (India). Make sure you have done your 20 Active days on Facebook Research App before 1st date. So that, You will be paid on 16th of every month. This Applies on your Referral Money as well. Do not uninstall this App, because you will be paid $5 and Referral money every month.
Question 6:- How can i Check my Earning in Applause website/App and Referred Friends?
Answer:- After 10-15 days of your Joining (Please wait 10-15 days, because they takes some to upload your entry at www.utest.com platform), You can Visit Platform.utest.com/dashboard and click Forgot Password and Enter your Facebook Research app Registered email and Reset your Password.. After Login, You can see your pending payment between 10-15th of every month.
To Check the history of your Earning (Note:- You can see Only when your friend is active for more than 20+ days + data get updated between 10-15th Date of  the month), Referred Friends, Bonus etc. =>> Just Visit utest Dashboard >> Test Cycle >> Active >> Click Facebook Research Program >> click on “View” >> My Earning >> You can check here!! (See Screenshot).
Question 7:- Why Facebook Rejected me at Registration Page?
Answer:- Because its working only for Teenager aged between 13-17 years.. Male as well as Female.
Question 8:- I am Facing Jio TV, Airtel Tv not playing issue, internet slow, some Apps and website are not Opening due to Fb Research App. So How to fix this problem?
Answer:- Yes, This happens because of VPN. Which gives International IP address, So that some app/site doesn’t allow you!! To Fix the issue, Just Open your Hotspot then your VPN will close automatically, After that Visit your favourite app/site and Enjoy !! After getting your work done, Please close hotspot to make VPN work !!
Question 9:- I am trying Forgot Password at platform.utest.com and Its showing Password Reset link send to your email. But i am not getting that email?
Answer:- As said in FAQ no. 6, You have to wait 15-20 days (Sometime take more time, But it will surely give you reset link on your Payment Month). Your signup details will be uploaded to platform.utest.com/dashboard by Applause team manually after that You can Reset your Password successfully.
Question 10:- I am a Teenager and Mistakenly i have Entered SAME Email in both Fields. How can i change Parent Paypal email for Payments?
Answer:- Okay, So why you guys don’t read Full steps? So leave the matter now and change your Email. So Firstly Follow FAQ no.6 and after that Payments Settings >> Payment method = Change =>> PayPal Account Email Address and EDIT this email and Submit.
Question 11:- I don’t have PAN Card and its Necessary for Paypal Account. What should i do?
Answer:- Pan Card can be Applied Online and Fee is just Rs 107 only. To Apply the Pan Card Online, Full details of Applying, Please Visit this Website and use the Bottom Links . You can Also Apply via your Nearest Cyber cafe at Rs 150-200 only. Pan card number will come via SMS in your Mobile number in next 5 days, which is only required to verify Paypal account. Also Original Pan card will come through Courier in just 10-12 days !!
More ques and ans are coming soon……

Facebook Research App Invite & Earn Detailed Information:-

  • You will be paid $5 per month for each month you are active in the program
  • You will be paid $10 per month for each referral that signs up for the project within 30 days of you joining the program, for every month they participate
  • You will also be paid $5 per month for each referral that signs up for the project after 30 days of you joining the program, for every month they participate
  • Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five referrals that were also active in the program (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.)

Start Getting Paid:-

Payout is based on:
  • Your participation in the project
  • The activity of those people you refer to the project
  • How quickly your referrals join the program after you’ve joined
Maximize Your Payout: Refer Friends!
To earn the most amount of money, refer as many individuals as possible (the earlier, the more money you make!) and make sure they keep the application installed!
Payment for referrals are paid out monthly for this project, and there is no limit to the number of referrals you can submit. If you refer even just 5 friends within your first 30 days in the Facebook Research App program, you could increase your earnings to over $75 per month for just keeping the application installed on your phone!
When You’re Paid from Facebook Research App Team:-
  • Payments are made on the 15th (USA) and 16th (India) of every month for the prior month’s earnings
  • Once we’ve confirmed your install, we will send you another email that explains exactly when you will be receiving your first payment (so long as you keep the app installed!)
  • We will also provide instructions for you to provide a payment method to which we’ll send your payments
Remember: You MUST keep the application installed on your device in order to receive payment for your participation, and in order to receive payment for your active referrals under this Facebook Research Program.
Inaddition to being paid for your participation, you will also be paid every month for every participating referral you provide. If you refer even just 5 friends to the project within 30 days of joining the program, you could earn up to $75 per month for just keeping the application installed!
The best part? There is no limit to how many referrals you can provide! Refer 5, 10, 100 or more friends and see your monthly payout increase with every referral that joins!
What is Facebook Research App?
Facebook research applause is actually a program by applause and is handed over to utest by onavo, Onavo is known as Facebook Israel and the parent organization of onavo is Facebook Inc. facebook research by applause is not the first research program launched that monitors data or your network. There were some other programs too that used to monitor data and pay one among them is Mobile Expression.
As the Facebook Research App programs is made by Onavo, which is a owned by Facebook organization, so it is clearly a program by Facebook and Facebook already have access to all your data which you upload on Facebook or you also give permission to the Facebook to use your camera or to read your contacts.
Actually you give these permissions to all the apps you have installed in your phone or which you use. So they have your permissions, can’t they use your data like paytm gave their user database to some agencies recently or like aadhaar card data was hacked etc etc. One thing which I want to tell you here is that they monitor network so they can understand how Facebook and internet is used in India and US. So that they can improve their services.
Also, we share a lot of things on Internet especially on Facebook and WhatsApp and you have already given them permission to read your data etc etc. So there is no question about your privacy breach as they can use your data from there as well.
The Facebook research app will be generating statistics about how participants use their phone and mobile apps and will gather data including website URLs, general app usage, data usage, and other general trends in order to improve the user experience.
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